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Blingle! Lights Up Q1 of 2024

First Quarter Emphasized Franchise Growth and Innovation

OMAHA, Neb. -- Blingle!, the premier outdoor lighting franchise, opened the first quarter of 2024 in a shining way, featuring positive momentum forward to keep franchisees poised for success.

Its highlight to open the year was a shift in its franchise model, aimed to help franchisees manage their cashflow in a much more predictable manner. After hearing insight from franchisees on the support and options they wanted, Blingle! began a flat rate model. In this new model, royalties switched from a percentage of revenue to a flat monthly rate. Additionally, most of the franchisee services are now optional, ultimately saving the franchisee money if they wish to not use select services.

"As part of our efforts to continually improving our franchise model, we gathered feedback from all of our franchisees to see what they were looking for from us," said Josh Skolnick, Founder of HorsePower Brands. "Our goal is to serve our communities, which includes the franchisees, with ease and provide them with a service they can be proud of using."

To pair with this new model, Nels Peterson was promoted to Vice President and Brand Leader. Peterson, an experienced lighting expert with over three decades in the industry, will serve as a day-to-day resource for the franchisees, while also over seeing all field operations. His goal in the first year of the new role is to open 24 new locations this year in tandem with launching Blingle!'s new university and training that it receives from product vendors.

"Blingle! is continuing to grow in the lighting space as the outdoor lighting trend gains steam," said Peterson. "In my position, I am able to support the franchisees with my expertise so they can install projects that achieve the vision of each client."

In addition, the brand opened 3 new locations and signed 2 new franchise agreements to start the year. The new locations that opened in the first quarter include Naples, Fla., Miami, Fla., and Richmond, Va. Blingle! signed franchise development agreements to bring the brand's premier lighting to Port Charlotte, Fla., and Kansas City, Miss., in the second quarter of this year.

To learn more about Blingle!, please visit: blingle.com. For more information about franchising opportunities, please visit: blingle.com/franchising.

Founded in Omaha, Neb. in 2014, Blingle!, a part of HorsePower Brands, specializes in providing year-round premium lighting services for homes, businesses and events. Blingle!'s services cover all outdoor lighting needs, including landscape, permanent, holiday, patio, event, and commercial lighting. As the premier lighting service, Blingle! uses state-of-the-art designs and products to transform outdoor spaces and create memorable illuminations with spectacular lighting. Blingle! is Ida Dark Sky approved, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau and The Institute of Wedding and Event Design. Additionally, Blingle! was named an Elite Service and Screened and Approved by HomeAdvisor. To learn more about Blingle!, please visit https://www.blingle.com/.

SOURCE HorsePower Brands